About Us

Western Province Athletics is a non-profit making organisation responsible for the overall development of athletics within the Western Province.

Our mission is to:
  • Promote athletics as a sport with a view to the optimal development of the athletics potential residing within the Western Province;
  • Expand the athletics involvement, as a sport and recreational activity, to all areas and sectors of the population within the Western Province;
  • Contribute towards the development and transformation of our Society, through the Development of Athletics from Grassroots to the highest levels of Excellence.


In pursuit of this mission the following objectives are regarded as fundamental to guiding the activities of WPA:
  • maintaining, extending and recognising a system of clubs throughout Western Province open to membership by all members of the population and allowing access to registration, participation, coaching and other services of WPA to all members of the community who wish to participate in athletics;
  • creating an atmosphere conducive to establishing friendly and loyal co-operation between all members, harmonious coexistence and efficient and effective administration for the benefit of all members and athletics as a whole in Western Province;
  • ensuring that no form of discrimination, be it based on race, ethnicity, religion, politics, gender or otherwise, be permitted in athletics and taking all practicable measures to prevent such discrimination;
  • ensuring that each committee and each team selected is demographically representative of the population residing in the Western Province;
  • maintaining the rules and regulations concerning athletics of IAAF, ASA and the provisions of this Constitution;
  • staging, through its members, local, interprovincial, national and international athletics meetings and competitions;
  • selecting teams to participate in national, interprovincial and local meetings and competitions;
  • developing and promoting all branches of athletics, including all the recognised age categories and disabled athletes;
  • participating fully in the affairs of the national governing body for athletics and its affiliated associations;
  • participating in the structures created by local government to discuss, advise on, promote, develop and manage sport and recreation in the Western Cape; achieving equity throughout the region in the allocation of facilities and opportunities for involvement in athletics;
  • upholding environmental integrity and promoting responsible use of the environment in all competition and development activities;
  • administering WPA as a business which is highly professional, financially sound, accountable to its members, user-friendly to the athletics family and the public at large and with honesty and respect for the individual;
  • striving for total and complete unification and transformation of athletics at all levels;
  • ensuring that athletics meetings take place throughout the province, in particular the previously disadvantaged communities;
  • promoting fair competition in all respects, including the right of the individual to develop without being disadvantaged by administrative constraints, rulings or otherwise.