Cross Country

The WPA Cross Country league runs during the winter months with 6 league events and WPACC Championships taking place on a wide variety of courses. Each age group runs in a separate race, with specific distances for each age category from under 8 years to 80 years and older.


What is Cross Country?

Cross Country is regarded by many as the purest form of the running sports. It does not require a highly technical artificial track or the need to mix congested traffic with the participants of Road Racing. It is cheaper than trail running and does not limit the numbers of entrants.

The sport is a "grass roots" discipline catering for all ages and abilities and is seen by many top athletes and coaches as an excellent platform on which to build a high level of stamina for track athletes and speed for road runners. Many top athletes started their careers in Cross Country and still return to the Sport during the Track and Field "off-season" to build strength and stamina for the new season. Cross Country complements road and track running, so most top middle and long distance track runners, as well as the top road runners in the world, run Cross Country.

Message from the Chairperson

It’s that time of year again and 2019 promises to build on the success of the #WPACC2018 season.

On behalf of the Western Province Athletics Cross Country Commission, let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the winter league of running on the wild side. Cross Country has shown a steady growth in numbers due to the exciting nature of sport. For those of you who have not attempted Cross Country, you have been missing out big time. 

We are going to be concentrating a lot of our efforts on our juniors this season, which will call for close co-operation with coaches, schools and development. New courses/venues, some in previously disadvantaged areas, are an added attraction this year, bringing the sport to the people.

A big thank you to everyone involved from sponsors to clubs with the 2018 Cross Country Season.

The 2019 season will consist of 6 league meetings and the WPACC Championships – we will endeavour to have event results available no later than the Wednesday prior to the next event (but hopefully sooner). 

For the elites and those with a competitive streak... there are team competition trophies, individual prize money for certain leagues and ultimately selection to the WPA team to ASA Champs in Pretoria up for grabs.

For those in it for the fun, fitness and love of the sport, there are incentives for completing 5 or 6 league events excluding WP champs, amazing photo opportunities in spectacular venues, food and drinks for sale, great commentary and music vibes, the opportunity to witness our Province’s top talent fighting it out off the track and tar, improving your own strength and fitness, and much more.

Please follow our Facebook page, WPA Cross Country – WPACC and the WPA website, for the most up to date results, information, event information, pics and more.

The #WPACC2019 commission wishes you an injury free, successful and most of all enjoyable Cross Country season for 2019.

Yours in running

Cross Country Commission



WPACC would like to thank the following:
  • K3 Water & Energy Sachets
  • Peninsula Beverages
  • City of Cape Town

Without their generous assistance, Cross Country in our Province would be a lot poorer. Your support for these organisations would be appreciated.


General information






Boys & Girls 8 years and under (born 2011 or later)




Boys & Girls 9/10 years (born 2010/2009)




Boys & Girls 11 years (born 2008)




Boys & Girls 12 years (born 2007), Girls 13 years (born 2006)




Boys 13 years (born 2006), Girls U18 (born 2003/2002)




Boys & Girls 15 years (born 2005/2004)




Boys U18 (born 2003/2002), Girls U20 (born 2001/2000)

Master Men 60 years and older




Boys U20 (born 2001/2000)

Master Men (35-59 years)




Open Men & Women




Master Women (35 years and older)




Senior Men & Women (all ages welcome)






















Temporary Licence Numbers will be available at all meetings at R20 for seniors/masters and R10 for juniors (no temp licence required for children 12 years of age and under in the age group races) 

Juniors: All junior athletes are required to produce a certified copy of their birth certificates to be entitled for prize money and selection to WPA teams.

Athletes need to report to the start 10min before the start of their event for checking by technical officials. 


Prizes and Scoring

Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the U20, Open 10km, Senior 4km and Masters categories for combined performance in leagues 4, 5 and 6.

Cash prizes as well as medals will be awarded to the U20, Open 10km, Senior 4km in the same categories in the WPACC Championship. 

Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in the U8 - U18 age categories for the WPACC Championship. Proof of age will be required. 

Individual point scoring will continue as per last year. The individual point scoring will be slightly different for the Senior Men and Master Men, where the first 20 will score extra points - +20 for 1st, +19 for 2nd, etc. down to 20th position. In the Ladies, Veteran Ladies and Junior events, the 1st 10 will score extra points - +10 for 1st, +9 for 2nd, etc. 

Should an athlete be selected to represent South Africa in an international event the same day as a league race, participation points will be awarded to the athlete. 


Team Competitions:

Team competitions will be based on 6 out of 6 League Meetings, 4 athletes to count in a team and must be wearing ASA licences front and back, as well as correct and complete club kit and colours. A Master athlete's age group will only change on their birthday, e.g. one becomes a Master on one's 40th birthday (not at the beginning of the year in which one's age category changes). 

Team trophies and certificates will be awarded at the WPA awards function at the end of the year.


Participation Incentives:

These will be awarded to licenced club athletes who complete 5 or 6 league events over the season (excluding WPA Championships).



Athletes are liable for disqualification for the following:

  • crossing the finish line without a competitor sticker
  • bad behaviour
  • wearing another athlete's race numbers
  • not completing the full distance of the event.
  • littering


ASA / SAMA Championship

WPA will send a squad of athletes to championship events. The size of the team will depend on the amount of funds available.

Performance in the WPACC Championship, as well as leagues 4, 5 and 6, will be considered for selection to the WPA team to the South African Championships to be held in Pretoria in September. 

Team selection will be weighted towards U20 and senior teams with medal potential, as well as top performing individuals in U16 and U18 events. Masters with medal potential will be selected if funds allow.

No athletes born later than 2005 will be selected for the WPA team to ASA champs. However, younger athletes may still be eligible for selection to the Cape Metro Schools team if they meet the independent criteria of that organisation.


Mike Walters trophy

The Mike Walters Trophy will again be presented to the club organising the best league meeting. A committee will be appointed to decide on the winning club. The winner will be announced at the WPA Awards at the end of the year.

Clubs who need any equipment can obtain it from the WPA Office by contacting


A few important IAAF rules:

To have orderly Cross Country Meetings and to eliminate friction and unpleasantness through ignorance, the following few IAAF Rules are of great importance for Cross Country which is basically a team sport.

All clubs, coaches and parents should acquire the IAAF Rule Book which can be obtained from WPA or directly from ASA.



In all events competitors must wear clothing which is clean, designed and worn so as not to be objectionable. The clothing must be made of a material which is non-transparent even if wet. The competitors must not wear clothing which could impede the view of the judges. At all meetings competitors shall participate in the uniform clothing approved by ASA.

Note: Clothing means approved School, Club, Provincial or National Colours.



Competitors may compete in bare feet or with footwear on both feet.


License numbers

No person resident in South Africa may participate in a meeting subject to the regulations of ASA or any of its affiliated associations, unless on the date of the meeting concerned he is the holder of a licence which granted him permission to participate.

Both ASA licences must be worn visibly on the chest and back during competition.


Assistance to athletes

Any athlete giving or receiving assistance from within the competition area during an event shall be cautioned by the Referee and warned that for any repetition, he will be disqualified from that event.

No competitor is allowed to receive assistance or refreshments from any person during the progress of the race other than the water point. No persons, not officially instructed by the manager of the meeting, are allowed to give refreshments to athletes.


2019 WPA Cross Country Fixture List 

League 1          SANDF Youngsfield 25 May 2019
League 2  Bonteheuwel  CPUT 17 June 2019
League 3  Nantes Nantes Park 30 June 2019
League 4  Lwandle Broadlands Farm, N2, Somerset West 14 July 2019
League 5 Top Form  Elfindale 28 July 2019
League 6  Velocity Silwerstroomstrand 3 August 2019
WPCC Champs  WPACC Fairmont High School, Durbanville 17 August 2019


2019 Cross Country Programmes (downloads)

2019 WPA Cross Country Fixture list download

League 1 – Youngsfield – 25 May

League 2 – CPUT – 17 June

League 3 – Nantes Park – 30 June

League 4 – Broadlands Farm, N2,  – 14 July

League 5 – Elfindale – 28 July

League 6 – Silwerstroomstrand – 3 August

WPA Champs – Fairmont High School, Durbanville – 17 August  -   to enter click here



2019 Results 

League 1 Results - 25 May 

League 1 Team Standings


League 2 - 17 June

League 3 - 30 June 

League 4 - 14 July




League 5 - 28 July

League 6 - 3 August

WPA Champs Master Men Results

WPA Champs Master Women Results

WPA Champs Senior Results

WPA Champs Results 8-13 years v.2

WPA Champs Results 14-20 years v.2


2018 Results 

League 1 Results - 26 May 

Interclub Relay Results - 3 June

League 2 Resuts - 17 June


League 3 Results - 1 July


League 4 Results - 15 July

League 5 Results - 29 July

League 6 Results - 4 August


2017 Cross Country Events

2017 WPA Cross Country Fixture List
Cross Country Relay Nantes 2017






2016 Cross Country Events

2016 WPA Cross Country Fixture List
Directions to Cross Country League 2
2015 Cross Country Selection Criteria
WPACC Champs Entry Form - Sub Juniors
WPACC Champs Entry Form - Juniors
WPACC Champs Entry Form - Seniors
WPACC TEAM - ASACC Championships 8 September
League Programme on the day
2016 Winter League Programme and Relay Entry Form


Age Categories Sub/Juniors 2019

Boys and Girls 8 Years

Born 2011 & later

Boys and Girls 9 Years

Born 2010

Boys and Girls 10 Years

Born 2009

Boys and Girls 11 Years

Born 2008

Boys and Girls 12 Years

Born 2007

Boys and Girls 13 Years

Born 2006

Boys and Girls u15 Years

Born 2005

Boys and Girls u18 Years

Born 2003 / 2002 (Turning 16/17 years)

Boys and Girls u20 Years

Born 2001 / 2000 (Turning 18/19 years)


WPACC Championships Programme

 The programme will available closer to the time


2019 - 2021 Commission Members

Chairperson Russell Mehl
  Nazema Abels
  Irene Burgess
  Mario Philander
  Makhosonke Fika